The products and services we provide are mission-critical. Most customers use our services only occasionally - but, when they do, they rely on us to keep their business or even whole cities and countries functioning and safe.

All projects require onsite temporary power solutions and material handling equipment. Our equipment and services are transferrable, so the eqiupment used today in a petrochemical plant may be on coal minetomorrow and a building site the day after.

We can respond to events as they happen anywhere around the world and can move our equipment to wherever required.

We are organised to address all types of situation from the rental of a single generator or excavator for a weekend, to managing huge projects delivering hundreds of megawatts (MW) anywhere in the world.

We are experts. We are focussed on a very narrow range of products and that means we have technical expertise, equipment, skills and experience on a scale, and to a depth, that nobody else can rival.

We keep our equipment for its useful life, so the better we build and maintain the equipment, the longer its life will be. We take enormous care to build and maintain our equipment to the highest standards and this means that our customers see high quality and reliable equipment.