We finance transactions that are essential public projects or services and we apply other criteria such as transaction’s revenue sources, credit characteristics, transaction structure and expected return.

We work developers and operators, along with their bankers and advisors, to reduce the medium- and long-term funding cost of essential projects and services in countries with investment-grade sovereign ratings. In addition to financing we also apply our skills to negotiate documentation appropriate for our financing and ongoing surveillance capability. Our financing helps projects gain capital market access and achieve broader distribution in both domestic and cross-border markets.

While making Structured Investments our experienced staff focuses on understanding the objectives and needs of various types of customers. We have the resources to respond in a timely manner and to negotiate terms that meet the project’s needs, the demands of the marketplace and our credit requirements.

We provide creditworthiness, marketability and market liquidity by virtue of our investments and we continually assess the impact of the economic environment on potential transaction performance and adjust our criteria accordingly.