Upgrading and extending the life cycle of existing plant and equipment.

We have a wealth of experience in refurbishment and the upgrading of assets. We employ innovative salvage capabilities in restoring used assets to near-original condition and specification. We are familiar with the future requirements of multiple industries and we know what matters to operators and asset owners including maximising availability and lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Our refurbishment capability supports our clients in achieving their goals with refurbishment solutions precisely matched to meet their actual requirements. Whether an asset needs a complete modernisation, technology retro fit, or component refurbishment, we collaborate with clients to devise a customised refurbishment concept.

Our approach to every overhaul programme is the same — treat each one differently and return the asset back to revenue service faster, while reducing the overall cost of ownership.

We customise each overhaul to provide the best and most comprehensive support, while optimising the total package to meet client operational and financial targets. So, whether it is a short-term ‘material and labour’ overhaul or a longer-term collaborative arrangement, we have a solution that meets each operator’s evolving business requirements.