Smooth functioning of newly acquired assets, proven operational systems and processes, and diverse experience in asset management all tailored to meet exacting uptime expectations and optimal outcomes for owners.

Our philosophy is to assume full operational responsibility, share our knowledge and work collaboratively with clients to deliver maximum availability and reliability, process integrity, increased safety and sustainability, and reduced life cycle cost and risk.

Our operations people have the technical expertise to tackle complex challenges and to do so safely and efficiently.

Best practice maintenance capability can be used to lower costs, reduce operational risk and improve asset reliability and safety.

Our portfolio of ‘through-life’ support services facilitates preventative maintenance activities, major overhauls, modifications and heavy repairs. We work closely with clients to set performance targets and implement management and maintenance programs. Our approach emphasises the maintenance of assets to yield their maximum service life.

We prefer to hold long-term maintenance contracts to optimise asset value and deliver improved maintenance processes and capability